Roberta Alessandri Ivins

I come from a background of being a teenage model and entered many pageants, thereafter moved on to become a full time model. By the age of 22 I had won three cars in pageants and travelled to many countries with my modelling career. I have won 25 pageants, two of which have sent me abroad to compete. I have been on the covers of 10 magazines and appeared in 6 TV commercials. I started running my model school at the age of 20 in JHB and my focus for starting it was to bring model classes to disadvantaged areas. I eventually ran courses around South Africa. I have won 25 pageants - some being Miss Hibiscus, Miss Eastgate, Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Italy SA and was placed as first princess Miss SA 1988

I opened Roberta Alessandri Models at the age of 23 and then eventually Roberta Alessandri Events a few years later, which is a company that organises exhibitions in shopping malls. I am also a home school mom and Iove being a mom. I love the ocean and the beach. I have a wonderful fiancé who I am getting married to soon who is very supportive with what I do. I love life and believe life is a gift. I love to dance and have fun and I love God. I am a Christian and my Christianity is very important to me as this is my strength and what gets me through any hard times. My favourite book is the bible and books related to it.

I love teaching girls how to see their beauty and teaching them how to have a higher self-esteem. I love the creation and organization of an event or a production.

I teach that we all have gifts and a purpose and if one can find that then you will end up doing what you love as a career.

Some will not make a career out of their gift but still go and do that talent or gift even as a hobby or sport. Never stop doing what feeds your soul. I have included my gift and talents in my work and so when I work it is like I am doing what I love and when you do that it is easier to persevere when things get hard. To be a model you have to have a very strong mind and perservearance. When entering pageants you cannot worry about what people think about you. If I won it was wonderful, but if I did not I would go back and do it again and win it. When you enter a pageant you have to go in with the attitude of either doing it for fun or that they are just looking after the crown for you while the pageant is on and then they will put it on your head!

Modelling teaches professionalism, perseverance and discipline in work and so that was a good grounding as a teenager to teach me about business etiquette. With that knowledge and perseverance I have built my business.

I love my journey of getting fitter in the sea and of new love and this all to me helps one to believe in themselves, raise their self-esteem and bring out their beauty. At times I do not have a high self-esteem and at times struggle, but I have learnt to have a strong mind and pray in those times and to be positive and to remember what I have accomplished and that gets me through those times. Remembering your past gives power to your present and future.
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