Good morning Roberta
Trust you are well and blessed! 
Wow! I don't know where to begin! 
Kaycee came to your class as a shy 14 year old. She had such a  little bit of self  confidence.
She has just turned 15 a few days ago and wow! Wow! Wow! Besides gracing the front page of the independent newspaper, she has done countless fashion shows! Her confidence is through the roof! 
So once again  thank you Roberta Alessandri Jon Ivins for the stunning photos. And Kevin Ellis for the countless hours spent grooming our daughters. 
You guys are amazing! Hope you continue changing young girls lives for many more years to come.
Kind regards


My daughter Christy did a beginners course with Roberta in Musgrave earlier this year, I could not believe the confidence she gained, like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon, she’s enjoying the odd shows at SPCA and looking forward to doing next level course next year-highly recommended. From no one saying a word on first lesson to getting together now….wow, super group.
Susan Cotterill
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